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23 October 2005 @ 10:19 am
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On the very top shelf are some veggies in a tupperware crisper container that can't fit in the crisper, some bread, a can of guava juice and in the bowl with green saran wrap is applesauce that will be eaten after I post this. :)

On the second shelf in some tupperware containers are chopped parsley, lamb, guacamole and honey in the far left stack, beer-can chicken and ribs in the middle stack with a small pack of fresh mint in front of them, margarita mix in the wine holder (we've got a wine refrigerator so no wine is stored here), and english muffins.

On the third shelf is industrial sized butter, low-acid orange juice, and a leg of lamb defrosting. We'll be doing Alton's "Silence of the Leg O'Lamb" recipe later tonight. :)

In the first drawer are tortillas, lunch meat and grated cheese, in the crisper are various veggies (too lazy to list them all out), and in the bottom drawer are some roasted potatoes from Costco.

Quite a few condiments in the door - the most interesting are the small jars with purple grapes on its tops - they are homemade pickles.

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23 October 2005 @ 07:13 am
Here's mine...

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21 October 2005 @ 09:56 pm
Here are my fridge pics. The first was taken a couple of days ago. The fridge is messy and disorganised.

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The second is my fridge after spending $68 tonight at Whole Paycheck. Uh... I mean Whole Foods. (Why does my fridge look emptier? Also notice the Brown ale. *grin*)

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However, my fridge isn't the most interesting part of my kitchen. I prefer my spice cabinet. (Notice the 12th century spice care package sent to me by the luminous abbybob whose father is a Penzeys addict. Aren't we all!)

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21 October 2005 @ 08:34 pm
my fridge -- the big pot is a lentil stew that i had made recently. i dont usually have heavy cream around the house [was for a recipie]. also, that's not the kind of bread that i buy [mom had gone and gotten me some groceries while she was visiting -- i took these pics about a week ago]. but, in general, the preponderance of beverages over food is pretty standard. also, i dont usually use margarine, but i was using up what was left over from the girl who lived here this summer.
the door -- lots of pickled asian things. not nearly enough types of mustard.
crisper drawer -- pretty standard.
21 October 2005 @ 04:35 pm
Sneak preview:

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21 October 2005 @ 05:24 pm
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Don't laugh!
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21 October 2005 @ 05:30 pm
I unfortunately just missed this. I went and took the picture and then... Poof, the rant was gone. Sad, sad.

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I like condiments. I also have a toddler, so that may explain some things.
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21 October 2005 @ 05:17 pm
This community is a great idea!

Due to the somewhat complicated logistics of my apartment, it's literally impossible to capture the fridge and the open door in one shot. So, I split it up. I had to open two doors that haven't been opened in months just to get these ;)

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
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21 October 2005 @ 01:59 pm
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